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Monday, Oct. 16:  Tonight the City Council is expected to consider and adopt a permanent ban on safe injection sites in Bellevue. On Aug. 7 councilmembers adopted an emergency ordinance temporarily banning the facilities while permanent regulations were being drafted. As per state law, a public hearing was held on Sept. 25., within 60 days of the adoption. 

The regular session, which begins at 8 p.m., is open to the public and available to watch live on Bellevue Television via streaming or cable Ch. 21. Agenda materials are posted online.  


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Recent UpdatesPrelim Vision Shelter

Oct. 9 Council Meeting Update: The City Council was presented with a general update on homelessness in Bellevue and the greater Eastside. The meeting touched on trends, how the city has responded to address the issue, and provided additional context for this ongoing community challenge. No decision on the appropriate location to site the Eastside Men’s Shelter and Supportive Housing project was made.

Sept. 25 Council Meeting Update: Following a public hearing on Monday, Sept. 25 regarding an interim prohibition on safe injection sites in Bellevue, the City Council directed staff to prepare an ordinance for a permanent ban. The permanent ordinance is expected to come before the council for adoption on Oct. 16.

The council also held a public hearing regarding an emergency ordinance that outlines the permitting process required to establish a homeless shelter in Bellevue. The council adopted the interim ordinance, which requires a conditional use permit for shelters, on Aug. 7 and separated the “homeless shelter” use from the “hotel/motel” use where it had been embedded. The action was in response to concerns voiced by the council and residents. Following this hearing, councilmembers had a broad discussion about shelter siting that ranged beyond the interim ordinance. No further action was taken. 

Aug. 7 Council Meeting Update: During the meeting, the City Council officially banned safe injection sites in Bellevue, effective Thursday, Aug. 17. The emergency ordinance allows the city to act quickly while permanent regulations are being drafted. Since April, councilmembers have expressed a strong interest in pursuing a ban. As per state law, a public hearing will be held within 60 days.

Also during the regular session, the council approved several agenda items related to the Eastgate Land Use Code Amendment (LUCA) and the Eastside Men’s Shelter and Supportive Housing project.

Through 6-0 votes, the council approved the Eastgate LUCA and the associated Eastgate legislative rezone. The council also passed another emergency ordinance, effective citywide, which outlines the permitting process required to establish a homeless shelter. As a result, a conditional use permit and general development requirement will be mandated for shelter uses.

In response to concerns voiced by the council and residents, the ordinance separates the “homeless shelter” use from the “hotel/motel” use where it is currently embedded. The change increases transparency while creating a consistent approach to permitting shelters where the use is allowed in the city.

None of the actions taken on Aug. 7 change where a shelter can be sited.

July 24 Council Meeting Update: The Council continued discussions regarding the Eastgate Land Use code amendment (LUCA), more specifically code related to siting the Eastside Men’s Shelter & Supportive Housing project. During the meeting, councilmembers directed staff to:

  • Move forward in banning safe injection sites throughout the city;
  • Develop a citywide approach to changes in the land use code related specifically to shelters through the process of either a Conditional Use Permit (CUP) or a Development Agreement (DA); and
  • Develop a definition of the land use classification that’s less confusing than “transient lodging.”

In a related briefing, the council was given an informational update on progress towards shelter/homelessness issues that included: options for stronger parking enforcement and regulating outdoor camping, a public education campaign on panhandling, and due diligence with Sound Transit related to OMF East site. Specific recommendations and updates will be presented to the council at the next shelter briefing in September. Staff was also directed to return on Monday, Aug. 7 to adopt the Eastgate LUCA, but without the shelter specific items.

June 5 Council Meeting Update: The City Council approved, by a 6-1 vote, moving forward on the development of revisions to the Eastgate Land Use Code Amendment (LUCA) to potentially allow shelter use in this area. Included in the motion was the request to draft several other code provisions related to the shelter discussion. These include:

  • Provisions that would apply citywide to better define how shelter uses are permitted;
  • Prohibition of safe injection sites;
  • Options for stronger vehicle parking and camping in public places enforcement; and
  • Development of a public education campaign on panhandling.

Councilmembers also requested the city explore the Sound Transit Operations & Maintenance Facility: East property in BelRed as a potential site for the project. 

None of the council actions during the June 5 meeting amounted to a formal approval of the shelter project at Eastgate. 

Due Diligence Reports

Five Facts About The Proposed Permanent Men’s Shelter & Supportive Housing Project

  • The King County-owned site being studied is located at 14350 SE Eastgate Way, near the Eastgate Park & Ride.
  • Bellevue has hosted temporary low-barrier shelters in various neighborhoods since 2008.<
  • In response to local Eastside need to address homelessness, establishing a permanent homeless shelter was formally adopted as a 2016-17 Council Priority.
  • The proposed project is a collaborative effort involving several regional partners. They include:
    • City of Bellevue - partner in developing an Eastside shelter serving single men
    • King County - property owner, operator of the existing public health clinic at the site and coordinator of regional funds for homelessness and affordable housing
    • Congregations for the Homeless - service provider and operator of shelters
    • Imagine Housing - service provider and developer of affordable and mixed-use housing projects

  • The proposed facility would include a 100-bed low barrier men’s shelter, the same size as has been operating at temporary locations in Bellevue in recent years. It would also include a day center and a component of permanent housing, along with an array of supportive services.


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