Homelessness in Bellevue

As the City of Bellevue has grown in population and transitioned into a more urban environment, homelessness has become a more visible issue.

Root causes of homelessness include: lack of affordable housing, low-paying jobs, domestic violence, chronic health condition, substance abuse and mental health issues.

Homelessness is an issue that communities all across the United States are facing including Bellevue. 

Eastside Approach

The city and the broader Eastside community have been working together to address homelessness for many years. The strategies and tactics used are designed to be both compassionate and pragmatic. 

They include:

  • Identifying risk factors to help prevent individuals from falling into homelessness

  • Providing subsidized housing

  • Leveraging community partnerships in hosting rotating shelters

The goal is to prevent homelessness if possible and, when it does occur, to transition individuals back into stable housing as soon as possible.

The Numbers 

In 2010, 141 individuals were recorded as unsheltered during the annual One Night Count.

The most recent count in 2017, now known as Count Us In, recorded 284 individuals. During the previous year’s count, there were 245 unsheltered individuals.

Since there were significant changes in count methodology for the 2016 Point-In-Time Count, caution is advised in noting trends from previous years. 2017 establishes a new baseline for homelessness statistics for King County.  


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