Homelessness in Bellevue

Over the past several years, the number of unsheltered people have steadily increased on the Eastside. In 2015-16, over 1,200 men, women and children on the Eastside received temporary shelter and other services. The “one night count” of homeless on the Eastside increased from 134 in 2015 to 245 in 2016.

image of man in homeless shelter

The city is engaged in multiple efforts to address homelessness, including:

  • hiring a dedicated homeless outreach specialist;
  • alliances with Eastside cities and King County’s All Home initiative; and
  • supporting faith organizations and nonprofits that provide shelter and other services.

In addition, the city is striving to address root causes. The city adopted an affordable housing strategy in June 2017.

The vast majority of people on the Eastside who struggle to find shelter are from the Eastside. For years, Eastside communities have been coordinating a regional response (It's Your City article). Redmond hosts a shelter for young adults, while Kirkland provides shelter for women and families. Bellevue supports prevention services that keep people out of homelessness, in addition to providing a shelter for adult men .

Need help?

If you’re homeless or are in danger of being unsheltered, Washington State 2-1-1 offers a comprehensive database of community resources, searchable by location.

Want to help?

Residents, visitors and businesses interested in helping those in need can volunteer their time or donate to the following:


Josh TerlouwCongregations for the Homeless




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