Resources to help plan your party

The following links will help you get started in planning your Neighbor Link event and communicating your request. Promote your event with colorful flyers, banners or A-Board signage. We also help with the contacts to have a Police or a Firetruck visit based on availability. Ask us how neighborhoods might engage in community service which is a great community building activity. Suggested planning is 4-6 weeks before the event which provides a greater chance of a successful party and availability of resources. 

Neighbor Link Package
Block Party Planning Request - Form to Get Started  

Requesting Resources


Closing your street requires a right-of-way street closure. There is no fee for the permit, but there is a cost for barricades that are reimbursed up to $50. There are costs associated with the Amplified Sound permit, rental of park space and games/equipment. 


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