Diversity Team

image of Yuriana Garcia Tellez

Yuriana Garcia Tellez

Diversity Outreach and Engagement Administrator



Yuriana provides outreach to Bellevue’s diverse communities and supports efforts to
provide culturally competent community programs.

Before coming to the city, Yuriana developed culturally responsive programs and trainings at Rutgers University and the University of Washington to increase the attendance and success of immigrant and first-generation students.

Image of Elaine Acacio

Elaine Acacio

Diversity and Inclusion Administrator



Elaine supports and implements initiatives that promote diversity, equity and inclusion in the city's training, hiring and contracting. Elaine also works to ensure language access at Bellevue.

Prior to joining the Diversity Advantage team, Elaine worked in higher education and international development, including a 13-year tenure in Latin America. Elaine works to enhance policies and practices related to equity. She also has trained staff to be more culturally aware.

image of Blayne Amson

Blayne Amson

ADA/Title VI Civil Rights Administrator



Blayne works to ensure access and equity for residents of Bellevue with disabilities, as well as to promote inclusion for all residents.

Blayne has worked in nonprofit and higher education for over 12 years, focusing on issues related to disability awareness, inclusion and capacity-building. He has developed and facilitated comprehensive trainings that spurred organizational change through the adoption of anti-ableist ideologies and a commitment to disability justice.

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