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Bellevue has it all. From a livable high-rise urban environment to large wooded lots in an equestrian setting, people can find exactly where they want to live and work in Bellevue. The diverse and well-balanced mix of business and commercial properties and a wide variety of housing types attract workers and families who desire a safe, sustainable and accessible community.

Bellevue has an abundance of parks and natural open space. Known as a “City in a Park,” our park system is one of the best in the nation due to its high park acreage-to-population ratio. From neighborhood walking paths and forested trails to a regional waterfront park, we enjoy a variety of recreational opportunities within walking distance of our homes and businesses. Bellevue is a “Smart City” with a clean, high-quality environment and excellent, reliable infrastructure that supports our vibrant and growing city, including high-tech connectivity. The city has a connected multi-modal transportation system which blends seamlessly with its buildings, plazas and parks.

Whether it’s an urban high rise, a classic Bellevue rambler, or a historic resource, the constant is our people. Our neighborhoods and businesses transcend age, ethnicity, and culture to create safe, welcoming places to live and work.

3-Year Priorities

7. Execute Phase One of the Affordable Housing Strategy Implementation Program.

8. Complete construction of Phase One of Meydenbauer Bay Park by 2018 and the Downtown Park Gateway by the end of 2019, and synchronize with the Grand Connection as possible. Include celebration of the connection of downtown to the waterfront.

9. Advance implementation of the Smart City Strategy, including advanced transportation technology and autonomous, connected, electric and shared vehicle technologies.

10. Strategically implement the neighborhood planning process. Review the progress of the Environmental Stewardship Initiative and analyze additional steps that the city may wish to take to achieve environmental goals (including tree canopy). 

12. Update the Parks and Recreation Master Plan to include an analysis of the level of service for a growing population and the creation of a financial strategy for these services.

13. Following the staff report, determine whether to explore the possibility of a regional aquatic center in Bellevue.

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