• High-Performance Government

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    Bellevue is characterized by high-performance government. Our residents live in a safe, clean city that promotes healthy living. The perception of safety contributes to the success of businesses and neighborhoods. Police, fire and emergency personnel are seen by citizens every day, and we ensure that these services reflect high standards and pride. High-Performance Government Performance

    People are attracted to live here because they see that city government is well managed. Our high quality of customer service ensures that residents realize a direct link between their tax dollar investments and the services they receive. We make public investments wisely, assuring taxpayers that we are living within our means, while also ensuring that we have superb infrastructure to support growing businesses and desirable residential opportunities. We have beautiful public buildings that residents point to with pride. Government plays its role in supporting the careful balance of neighborhoods, commercial and retail growth, diverse residential living opportunities, and amenities that characterize Bellevue. City leadership fosters careful long-term planning, responsible financial policy, and thoughtful partnerships with businesses, the non-profit sector, and the region.

    We seek input from our residents and businesses and this input informs city decision-making. We make decisions in a transparent manner. We support public engagement and connectivity. Bellevue does its business through cutting edge technology. City government uses technology to connect with its residents giving them voice in their community. Our boards, commissions, and other citizen advisory groups, assist the City Council in providing superior leadership by representing the diverse interests of the city and providing thoughtful and creative ideas that assure sound policy direction and decisions.

    Our residents care for Bellevue. They speak up and collectively work to address our mutual needs. In Bellevue, our commitment to public service is paramount. Our residents know that their local government listens, cares about, and responds to them.

    Three-Year (2018-20) Priorities

    21. Complete implementation of hearing accessibility within the public meeting areas in the city.

    22. Build trust in government by developing and implementing a comprehensive communications plan with proactive strategies and systems, and robust, transparent, open public engagement processes. Characteristics discussed include:

    • Share clear and timely information
    • Engagement – getting input
    • The more we listen, the more responsive we are.

    23. Identify and implement technologies that improve customer service with the City of Bellevue.

    24. Establish a long range financial strategy that includes options that respond to the future operating and capital needs of the city.

    25. Develop and establish a new brand identity for the city that reflects both our past and our future; an identity that is iconic and leaves a lasting impression that Bellevue is a place that people want to live, work, learn and play.