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    Bellevue is known as a hub for global business. We attract the best – a highly educated, entrepreneurial and talented work force. The best choose Bellevue – we are home to headquarters for global businesses as well as innovative startups that are moving beyond the garage. Economic Development Performance

    The city does all the things it needs to provide an attractive business environment. Infrastructure is ample and in excellent condition, including roads, rails, high-speed data, reliable electricity, and clean water. Business regulation is fair and the tax structure is attractive. The city, region, and state offer appropriate incentives to locate business in Bellevue. Affordable and flexible workspaces nurture small businesses, start-ups, and entrepreneurs.

    We provide the lifestyle, amenities and institutions that attract the next generation of business leaders and innovators: high-end entertainment, outdoor recreation, exceptional K-12 and higher education, high capacity transit, and a green and sustainable environment. Our educational institutions inspire innovation and train the talent needed to support our high-tech sector right here in Bellevue.

    We foster a diversified suite of business activities. We support our existing and traditional sectors including retail, auto sales, financial services, aerospace, and light industrial businesses. We are a growing center for a broad range of technologies – including software, mobile communications, and medical devices and services. Our arts and cultural opportunities, shopping, and proximity to major recreational activities make us a premier destination for tourism and conventions.

    Three-Year (2018-20) Priorities

    1. Support and provide leadership in the Regional Economic Development Alliance to attract international and national business, and investment to the region. Leverage involvement to produce investment in Bellevue’s identified growth corridor and near transit hubs.

    2. Actively pursue business retention and growth at the local level, including diverse small, medium and large business with an emphasis on high-tech, tourism and international trade.