• Achieving Human Potential

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    Bellevue is a caring community where all residents enjoy a high quality of life. People from around the world are welcomed by people from around the corner. Bellevue listens, engages and values the many voices within our community, and residents know they are an essential part of their community and have many opportunities to engage with the city and each other. The city’s outreach is inclusive and culturally sensitive. Achieving Human Potential Performance 

    Our residents are invested in their community and connected to each other through a variety of organizations. 

    Bellevue is an intellectual community that values education. We have an array of excellent educational opportunities for life-long learning and workforce development, from one of the nation’s best K-12 school districts to a variety of secondary and higher educational opportunities, including technical and trades education, college and graduate programs at a top international research university. 

    Bellevue enjoys high community population health and attracts top health providers from around the region. Our entire community experiences equitable access to services.

    Three-Year (2021-23) Priorities

    14. Leverage the higher-education institutions in Bellevue to benefit our residents and businesses.

    • The Global Innovation Exchange and its partners present the opportunity to dramatically grow human potential in the field of technology innovation. The city should support GIX and take advantage of the financial and human benefits that will come from it.

    • Bellevue College is an important partner in providing workforce development. The city should support the college, the faculty and students in the city’s transportation and affordable housing plans.

    • The city should implement the TechHire initiative to benefit the region’s technology companies

    15. Continue to implement the Diversity Advantage Plan, including determining the availability of and need for multicultural programming in the city and completing the cross-cultural study already underway.

    16. Work toward an Eastside solution for a permanent location for a men’s homeless shelter.

    17. Explore a safe parking program for homelessness response.