• Share your thoughts on arts in Bellevue

    The city is updating its vision for the arts and culture, and Bellevue residents are encouraged to take a 10-minute survey.

    In 2004, the city adopted Cultural Compass: A Strategic Vision for the Arts & Culture to guide Bellevue’s cultural development plan with the aim of turning the city into the cultural hub of the Eastside. Now it’s time for a refresh. 

    Bellevue has changed significantly over the last 15 years, with new, thriving neighborhoods and a majority of residents now people of color. The city is reassessing Bellevue's cultural needs and working to refresh the vision for the arts.

    The Cultural Compass plan provides direction in areas that affect cultural vitality, from artists and nonprofit organizations, which the city helps support through grants, to cultural diversity and public art. Over the years, the plan has helped Bellevue invest in new facilities for arts education, expand public art in parks and neighborhoods and designate cultural districts such as the BelRed Arts District.

    For the plan update, the city will evaluate the cultural needs of the community and revise the vision and core initiatives. Feedback from the survey will be used during this process. 

    Bellevue is also looking for partner organizations to co-host focus groups about the needs of specific groups such as artists, businesses, nonprofits, regional collaborators and underserved populations. Please contact arts program manager Joshua Heim (425-452-4105 or jheim@bellevuewa.gov) if you're interested in helping organize a focus group. 

    Bellevue’s Arts Commission, which advises the City Council about arts-related issues, is guiding the plan update. The new section of the plan is expected to be completed and presented to the council for adoption by the spring of 2020. 

    Published on 07/23/2019