• Reopening businesses should flush water systems

    Published June 5 2020

    As our county moves into phased reopening, many businesses are returning to buildings that have been unoccupied for a couple months. Bellevue Utilities reminds them to ensure the water system is properly flushed.

    Buildings that have sat unoccupied for an extended time risk supplying stagnant water to staff. Before it reaches facilities, Bellevue Utilities tests and monitors the water quality carefully to make sure it meets safety standards. This includes regulating the levels of disinfectant in the water system that prevent bacteria growth. 

    When water is not regularly used or flushed through, the disinfectants in it lose potency, and Legionella and other surface bacteria can grow, a potential health hazard.

    To protect staff and public health, state and federal health agencies recommend flushing the plumbing system in buildings where there has been lower than normal water use before reopening.

    The Centers for Disease Control and the state Department of Health provide clear guidelines to perform proper water system flushing and cleaning. 

    Bellevue Utilities’ shares our business community’s commitment to staff and public health. Building or facility managers may contact Utilities’ Water Quality Office at 425-452-7840 or waterquality@bellevuewa.gov for help interpreting the guidelines. Staff are available 24/7 to help.

    For other support during reopening planning, businesses can visit the city’s COVID-19 Business Resources page.