• Police chief answers questions about May 31 riots

    “Sunday, May 31, our city was victimized by an organized criminal network who took advantage of the tragic death of George Floyd by cloaking themselves as peaceful protesters," states Police Chief Steve Mylett in a video interview. "In short, Bellevue experienced a riot by more than a thousand criminals and opportunists who converged on the downtown core intent on causing destruction." 

    "Their criminal actions put people’s lives at risk as they caused fear throughout the city. I am angry this happened, and I have directed Bellevue police detectives to identify and arrest as many of these offenders as possible. In this video, I hope to address your concerns and share with you the situation that quickly unfolded that day." 

    "Please know I welcome your feedback and will be holding community forums so we can discuss this situation and our plans moving forward.” 

    • If you were a business impacted by the disturbance, you can easily file a report on the Police home page. Click on “Business Looting” to file a report.
    • You can also go to the Policed home page to upload any video or pictures from May 31 that would help us identify suspects. Click on “Tip Line – Looting.”
    • If you have questions, please call 425-452-7853 or email InformChief@bellevuewa.gov.
    Published on 06/12/2020