• Newsletter offers peek at preliminary budget

    Also, reopened parks facilities and police use of force review

    "As the City Council considers a 2021-2022 operating budget, it’s working with a preliminary one designed to sustain essential services while closing a $16 million shortfall anticipated for each year of the biennium as a result of pandemic-related shutdowns."

    That's the first line of the lead article for the November issue of It's Your City, going to residents' homes this week and also available online. The article shares the front page with one about Bellevue's continuing review of police use of force. Popular parks facilities that have reopened with social distancing are also covered in this issue.

    Additionally, the 12-page newsletter features:

    • Strategies for overcoming depression, a widespread problem as the pandemic drags on;
    • A brand new street, Northeast Spring Boulevard, opens in BelRed;
    • A Council Corner column from Councilmember John Stokes focusing on Bellevue's resilience in the face of an unprecedented challenge; and
    • New ways to make Bellevue streets safer, including "leading pedestrian intervals," a 20 mph speed limit in Surrey Downs and a mini street sweeper for protected bike lanes.

    It's Your City is produced three times a year, in February, June and October. This is actually the fourth issue this year, since the city produced a special "Apart Together" edition in May, focused on resources and translated into multiple languages. You can view all past issues in our archive.

    Published on 11/19/2020