• Cultural Conversations ‘taking root’ at Bellwether

    New season for discussion group begins Sept. 18

    Cultural Conversations kicks off a new season of storytelling and connection at the Bellevue Arts Museum Wednesday, Sept. 18, 1-2:30 p.m. This month’s session coincides with the annual Bellwether arts festival and has artist Minhi Winkempleck as the featured storyteller. Winkempleck is a glass and metal work artist whose Bellwether works are a nod to the festival theme, “Taking Root.” 

    A notable piece by Winkempleck features a mortar and pestle, the pair of implements used in many cultures since ancient times to blend culinary or medicinal ingredients. The concept of taking root and creating home reflects the blending of people and cultures bringing their unique history, influences and perspectives to the table.

    Cultural Conversations attendees will also have access to a featured art installation titled “Today’s Special” at the museum as part of the arts festival. The installation curated by Ellen Ito features artwork, food sharing, artist performances, community conversations and hands-on engagement elements. It explores identity, roots, cultural heritage and the intersections where foodways connect us all.

    In addition, the activities are a part of Welcoming Week 2019, a celebration of Bellevue’s diversity that welcomes new arrivals and promotes connection with longtime residents. 

    Cultural Conversations, a program entering its landmark 10th season, has transformed relationships and perspectives among diverse women in our community through education and storytelling. This free event is open to all the public. Please RSVP to NeighborhoodOutreach@Bellevuewa.gov or 425-452-6836.

    Published on 09/12/2019