• Council Roundup: UW students showcase project work

    Monday night’s study session featured a special look at Bellevue’s partnership with the University of Washington in the Livable City Year program. Councilmembers, along with residents and students, got a chance to see all of the findings at a celebration in the City Hall concourse. 

    Two hundred and eight five students from multiple UW schools, colleges and campuses gave staff new planning and policy ideas for 30 projects. Additional details on the work can be found in an earlier news release.

    Transportation contracts awarded

    Later during the regular session, the council awarded three separate contracts worth more than $3.25 million for improvements to the transportation system. All of them are partially funded by the 2016 Neighborhood Safety, Connectivity and Congestion Levy, and construction on all three is expected to begin this summer.

    • The largest of the three contracts is for $1.53 million ($573,094 from the levy) and combines work at two different locations to save on construction costs. On Lakemont Boulevard, crews will make repairs to the roadway foundation. At 164th Avenue Southeast and Southeast Newport Way, a new mini-roundabout will be installed, replacing stop signs at the intersection, to reduce eastbound congestion during the afternoon rush hour.

    • A project in northeast Bellevue includes safety and curb ramp upgrades to five crosswalks and the installation of one new crosswalk. The contract is for $1.19 million ($129,987 from the levy). Four of the crosswalk locations are on Northup Way, one is on 164th Avenue Northeast near Interlake High School and one is on Northeast 24th Street at 166th Avenue Northeast.

    • A third project includes building a new sidewalk on the west side of 119th Avenue Southeast, from Southeast 56th Street to the south driveway of Newport Heights Elementary School, curb ramp improvements and crosswalk upgrades. The contract is for $525,341 ($375,000 from the levy).

    More information on each project is available on the consent calendar in the council agenda.

    LGBTQ Pride month

    Councilmembers also took a few minutes to recognize June as Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer/Questioning (LGBTQ) Pride Month. As part of the celebration, a rainbow flag will be flown at City Hall and other city facilities throughout the month. City staff will also participate in the 45th annual Seattle Pride Parade on June 30. 

    The full proclamation can be found in the agenda packet materials.

    Published on 06/07/2019