• Council Roundup: Update of City Council Pledge

    Plus, cross-cultural feasibility study report and I-405 access study next steps

    On Monday, the City Council received an update on progress for a pledge the council undertook in June to review police use of force policies, in response to the ongoing national conversation about racial inequity and social justice.

    The city has selected an experienced, third-party review agency to conduct community outreach and an in-depth review of current policy. As part of the community engagement process, the city will hold a series of three online community listening sessions this October facilitated by the third-party firm, the Office of Internal Review, or OIR. More information about the sessions and instructions on how to register can be found at a dedicated Engaging Bellevue web page and you can review the history of the pledge work here

    Further details on the current status of the use-of-force review is available in the meeting agenda item memo.

    Cross-cultural feasibility study report

    Councilmembers received a report on the findings of a feasibility study to examine the viability of dedicated cross-cultural gathering spaces in Bellevue. The report aimed to inform and receive feedback from councilmembers on further refining what a cross-cultural facility in Bellevue may offer and what the next steps might be.

    The work was the result of a 2018 public outreach study to assess the need for further cross-cultural programming and facilities that foster a welcoming and inclusive community. The study, which gathered feedback from more than 400 survey respondents and 125 workshop attendees, found that the adequacy and effectiveness of existing cross-cultural programming in Bellevue is strong for those who participate, but there was a significant desire to have a dedicated cultural facility gathering space with key cultural programming elements to fully serve community needs.

    The council gave feedback on critical elements of the concept, opportunities to leverage partnerships with local business and creative ways to finance construction of the center. A replay of the full discussion is available through Bellevue Television.

    I-405 access study next steps

    After receiving an update on the I-405 Access Study, councilmembers voted unanimously to move forward with the evaluation of five alternatives for a new potential connection to I-405 in the South Downtown area of Bellevue.

    City staff screened a dozen options for feasibility and collected input through a variety of public engagement methods, after which five alternatives remained. 

    The five alternatives include: 

    • A southbound I-405 on-ramp at the Lake Hills Connector 
    • A Southeast Sixth Street extension with a southbound on-ramp
    • A Southeast Sixth Street extension with express toll lane access to and from the south
    • A Northeast Second Street extension to Wilburton without ramp connections to I-405
    • No new interchange

    The five alternatives will be presented at another community stakeholder forum for feedback and a final public open house will be held in early 2021. The council will review the input from those events to select a final preferred alternative to pursue.

    Further information on the selection criteria leading to the five alternatives and the presentation to council can be found in the meeting agenda item

    Published on 10/02/2020