• City updating environmental stewardship road map

    Resident input wanted

    As the City of Bellevue plots a course for environmental stewardship here over the next five years, it welcomes feedback from the community. There are two ways residents can get involved:

    • Take our survey to share your vision.
    • Join us at a workshop, Tuesday, Oct. 1, 6:30-8:30 p.m. at City Hall, to discuss our goals and priorities. RSVP 

    Bellevue has an abundance of trails, parks, wetlands and urban forests. Whether it’s kayaking in Mercer Slough, hiking in Coal Creek or taking time to smell the roses at the Bellevue Botanical Garden, residents, visitors and workers have many opportunities to enjoy nature.

    A core value for the “city in a park” is stewardship, and Bellevue is committed to preserving and enhancing our environmental resources. Through the Environmental Stewardship Initiative, the city coordinates a wide range of programs to help community members and businesses reduce their impact on the environment and save money.

    The ESI Strategic Plan has been the road map for the initiative for the past six years, setting forth strategies for cutting greenhouse emissions waste and related objectives. 

    We are beginning the process of drafting a new Environmental Stewardship Plan that will chart the course for our future environmental efforts. Residents can engage in the process on an interactive website.

    Earlier this year, the ESI team led a Neighborhood Leadership Gathering on the topic of trees, with over 80 residents learning about what the city is doing to protect our tree canopy and to brainstorming ideas for preserving and growing it. 

    More information on Bellevue’s coordinated ESI efforts is available at Environmental Stewardship Initiative

    Published on 09/11/2019