• Bellevue Police Address Video from 2018 Arrest

    Bellevue Police have posted a number of documents and materials related to a December 2018 arrest showing use of force by a Bellevue officer. Video of the arrest has circulated on social media, prompting questions about the circumstances of the arrest. The Bellevue Police Department thoroughly reviews all use of force incidents and regularly examines its policies and procedures to ensure they align with best practices.

    On June 5, the department released case documents and further information about the arrest. They also suspended the use of neck restraint methods, something exhibited in the video.

    “I want the public to know that we take all use of force very seriously,” said Police Chief Steve Mylett. "As a result of the totality of the situation and the driver’s resistance, the officer used force to overcome the active resistance."

    "As a department, Bellevue Police are constantly reviewing our policies and procedures to better serve our diverse community," he continued. "My department is firmly committed to transparency and serving everyone in our community.”

    On June 6, the department released further information about the arrest depicted in the video. All case documents, more video and a situation recap from the department are available in an effort to provide transparency to the public. 

    Published on 06/06/2020