• All streets are open

    Published February 10 2017

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    After a week in which snow, then flooding, made some streets impassable, all Bellevue streets were open Friday morning. City crews worked around the clock for several days, plowing more than a foot of snow in areas, then clearing clogged catch basins. video

    Residents' patience, as this storm tested our resources, is appreciated.

    Residents can always help reduce flooding in their neighborhoods by keeping their local street drains clear of debris. In Bellevue, there are about 20,000 storm drains, far more than city crews can clear quickly. If a storm drain appears blocked below the street surface, or is unsafe to clear, call 425-452-7840.

    For more detailed information about our weather response and what you can do, please check the city's Extreme Weather Response page and social media channels.

    • Reporting trouble: Only call 911 for life-threatening emergencies. Call the city's Operations and Maintenance Support line at 425-452-7840 to report trees or other hazards in the roadway;

    • Power outages: If you lose power, to prevent poisoning from carbon monoxide, NEVER use a gas or charcoal grill indoors, and NEVER use a generator indoors; only use outdoors far from open windows or vents. Call Puget Sound Energy at 1-888-225-5773 to report a power outage; you can also report it online and check PSE's outage map. Stay away from downed power lines; and

    • Road closures/dark intersections: City crews and PSE crews are attending to several road closures due to downed trees or power lines, including multiple locations on Southeast Newport Way. Remember to treat dark intersections as four-way stops.