Paws On Patrol

Paws on Patrol

You and your dog can become a powerful crime-fighting duo! The Bellevue Police invite residents to become a “Paws on Patrol” partners. Dog walkers are out in their neighborhoods daily, but miss crime when they are consumed with texts, music or chatting on their phones. With just a little more awareness, they and their dogs can be extra eyes and ears on the block, sniffing out and reporting suspicious activity on their walks.

You will receive basic training on how to spot and report suspicious activity, and a special “Paws on Patrol” tag for your crime-fighting partner. It’s easy to join. Register by clicking the button below, watch a short training video, and you're all set!

Got questions? Feel free to contact our crime prevention officer at 425-452-6915 or After you submit your application, please watch this Paws on Patrol short training video.

Paws on Patrol Registration