Guiding Principles for Recreation

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A group of man in wheelchairs playing basketball

Vision for Recreation 

Bellevue is a healthy community where all people participate in a range of recreation activities of their choice, offered by any service provider, allowing greater physical and mental health and increased connections to their neighbors and the community. 

A girl with a red soccer ball being chased by two other children on a field

Guiding Principles for Recreation

  1. Health-Focused: We implement and support services, programs, and initiatives that promote the physical, mental, and emotional health of individuals, families, neighborhoods, and the community.
  2. Building Community: We are a trusted resource that creates and enhances relationships and connections between our residents.
  3. Culture of Excellence: We provide and/or facilitate inclusive, accessible, and equitable recreation programs for all, where everyone can expect quality staff, programs, and facilities.
  4. Dynamic and Resourceful: We are highly responsive to an ever-changing and diverse community, providing opportunities that are relevant and well-coordinated.