Who We Are

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taiji and music, people dancing and watching
A wild rose bloom in pink

Department Vision

In Bellevue everyone can connect to each other and to nature through experiences that help them to live, grow, and thrive. 


lake and pier on a sunny summer day

Department Mission 

We build a healthy community through an integrated system of exceptional parks, natural areas, recreation, arts and culture, and a broad base of community services.


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Equity: A System of Fairness

Equity acknowledges and removes disparities in opportunities, power, and resources so that everyone can reach their full potential to thrive. Bellevue Parks & Community Services practices equity, which is the responsibility of every individual in the department. Equitable access is a right, not a privilege, and is fundamental to our mission of serving all people. Through equitable policies and practices, we cultivate ties that connect people to the fabric of our community.