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    Public Hearing - East Moorland Planned Unit Development

    Date and Time:
    6:00 PM - 8:00 PM

    Bellevue City Hall, Council Chambers, 450 110th Ave N.E.


    East Moorland Planned Unit Development

    File Number: 17-128369-LK

    Planned Unit Development Recommendation and Preliminary Conservation Short Plat approval to develop two single family lots. The site contains stream buffer area. The subject property measures 23,835 square feet with 517 sf of stream buffer. An area greater than 40 percent of the site area will be set aside in a separate open space tract.

    Decision:  Approval with Conditions  

    Concurrency Determination:  N/A

    SEPA:  Determination of Non-Significance is issued.

    Staff contact: Carol Orr, 425-452-2896, corr@bellevuewa.gov