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    Pacific Northwest Caterpillars

    Date and Time:
    12:00 PM - 1:00 PM

    Lake Hills Greenbelt Ranger Station, 15416 SE 16th Street


    A Closer Look:  Pacific Northwest Caterpillars 

    Of all the insects we observe in our parks, gardens, and beyond, lepidopterans boast arguably one of the most incredible and complex life cycles.  Get an in-depth look at the species we share our region with, how they survive, and everything you should know about interacting with them.  We’ll be looking at live specimens with a focus on understanding their unique adaptations. 

    • Ages:  Best for ages 9 years and older. 
    • Cost:  Free! 
    • Pre-registration:  Please RSVP. 
    • Info and to RSVP:  ParkRangerProgram@bellevuewa.gov or 425-452-6993.