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    October is for Orcas

    Date and Time:
    2:30 PM - 3:30 PM

    Lewis Creek Park Visitor Center, 5808 Lakemont Blvd SE


    Did you know that our southern resident orcas communicate in a different “language” than transient orcas, or that they use sonar to hunt for their prey?  Join us for an introduction to the families that make up the J, L, and K pods, a fintastic orca game, and to learn how you can help our endangered southern resident orcas starting right here in Bellevue!  This is an indoor/outdoor program. 

    • Ages:  Best for children ages 5-10 years with accompanying adult(s). 
    • Cost:  Free!  
    • Pre-registration:  Not required. 
    • Info:  425-452-4195.