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    Experience Bellevue Neighborhoods Conference

    Date and Time:
    9:00 AM - 3:00 PM

    City of Bellevue, 450 110th Ave NE


    An opportunity to “Experience Bellevue!” at interactive workshops inside City Hall and/or outside at sites around Bellevue and its neighborhoods. “Experience Bellevue!” will have guided walking tours, site visits, neighborhood bus tours, park tours and more, at multiple locations around town. At City Hall you will enjoy a range of skills workshops, live demonstrations and community engagement opportunities throughout the day. Mix and match, inside or outside, all within King County public health Covid-19 guidelines. $10 admits you to all activities for the day! Fee waivers available.

    Register today or look at the full catalog on the website.

    For more information, contact: Julie Ellenhorn, Conference Manager, jellenhorn@bellevuewa.gov

    Reasonable Accommodation

    For alternate formats, interpreters, or reasonable accommodation requests please contact at least 48 hours in advance by 425-452-5372 (voice) or jellenhorn@bellevuewa.gov. For complaints regarding accommodations, contact City of Bellevue ADA/Title VI Administrator at 425-452-6168 (voice) or email ADATitleVI@bellevuewa.gov. If you are deaf or hard of hearing dial 711. All in-person meetings are wheelchair accessible.