• Police Advisory Councils

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    An essential element of our community-building efforts are the police advisory councils formed by Chief Steve Mylett in early 2016. The councils are comprised of the African American, Muslim, Latino, LGBTQI, interfaith and Asian/Pacific Islander residents. We are currently forming a Youth Advisory Council in partnership with the Bellevue School District and a College Advisory Council with the assistance of Bellevue College.

    Bellevue Police Advisory Councils

    The councils meet every three months for a two-hour discussion on how to improve the delivery of services the police department provides. The councils collaborate with the department on projects, provide guidance to the chief on best practices and approaches, help to identify barriers that exist between police officers and members of the community, and develop strategies to eliminate those barriers.

    The goal is to strengthen the relationship between the department and the community through trust, respect and mutual understanding. We do this by establishing an environment that promotes dialogue, education and a true partnership.