• Temporary Tents Permit

    This Temporary Use Permit is for activities that are self-contained on private property and do not impact public right-ofway. Use’s of public property and City services requires a Special Events permit and possibly a Right-of-Way Use permit. Contact the Transportation Department at 425-452-4189.
    Maximum 3 files.
    256 MB limit.
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    Date and Hours of Operation
    Will there be amplified outdoor sound?
    *If yes, a noise permit is required from Development Services – Land Use prior to the event 425-452-4188.
    Have you applied for a noise permit?
    I certify that I am the owner or owners authorized agent. If acting as an authorized agent, I further certify that I am authorized to act as the Owners agent regarding the property at the above-referenced address for the purpose of filing applications for decisions, permits, or review under the Land Use Code and other applicable Bellevue City Codes and I have full power and authority to perform on behalf of the Owner all acts required to enable the City to process and review such applications.

    I hereby certify that the above information is true and correct and that the applicable requirements of the City of Bellevue will be met.