Comprehensive Plan Amendment application materials

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Comprehensive Plan Amendment
Concurrent Rezone

Please Note: The following are the materials, fees and timeline that typically apply to an application of this type. This information is a general guide and should not be used as a substitute for current codes and regulations. Before applying for a permit, contact Permit Processing via e-mail or by phone at 425-452-6800 with your project details to verify that this is the correct application type and for any other submittal information.
Submittal Chart For definitions, numbers of copies to submit and other important information.
Comprehensive Plan Amendment and Concurrent Rezone
Submittal Description Sheets 27 & 27a Environmental ChecklistCover Sheet & Checklist
28 Supplemental Sheet for Nonproject Action
Billing System
53 Comprehensive Plan Amendment Procedures Guide, Concurrent Rezone Procedure Guide

Comprehensive Plan Amendment Application
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Fees Land Use Approvals
Timeline Land Use Approvals