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Know your Vulnerability

The pursuit of knowledge is the first step to preparedness. Understanding the hazards which may intersect your home will help you be better prepared. There are hundreds of homes in Bellevue which are located in landslide and liquefaction prone areas.

Retrofit Your Home

Earthquakes produce lateral movements which damage structures that are not constructed to withstand such forces. Structures which are not bolted to their foundations and/or are lacking sheathing to pony walls are at risk for earthquake damage.

An estimated 250,000 homes in King County may not meet such seismic construction requirements. Many structures are in need of retrofitting because retrofits did not become mandatory until the 1980's. Many wood-frame structures built before 1965 are not bolted to their foundations, making them susceptible to shifting. Structures built after 1985 lack sufficient strengthening due to the lack of pony wall bracing.

Retrofit Loans and Grants

The City of Bellevue Home Repair Assistance Program provides several loans and grants to eligible homeowners for earthquake retrofits.


If you are considering retrofitting your home, you may want to check out a free class offered by the Seattle Office of Emergency Management and the Department of Planning and Development.


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