City Hall Facility Request Form

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Bellevue City Hall has meeting and event space available for other governmental agencies, community and neighborhood groups, and local nonprofits. Meeting and event facilities are available Tuesday through Thursday, 4-9 p.m.

Facility Request Form

Please keep in mind that you may only book our Facilities 30 days prior to your event.


This person is the person held primarily responsible for providing to the City all required event information including licenses, permits, and certificates by the established deadlines.
Co-sponsoring means City staff are collaborating on planning, are providing staff to assist with logistics, share responsibility for ensuring facility usage guidelines are met, and will attend the event.
If fee applies, invoice is to be sent to


Total time requested
(include setup, takedown, cleanup)
Actual Event Time
Anticipated attendance
The City does not guarantee our AV equipment will be operational or compatible with your electronic equipment. The City does not provide IT or AV technical assistance.

Indicate the space your are requesting (if unsure, leave blank and we will place you in a space appropriate for your event):
* Special Events require a plan/drawing indicating where items will be setup. A detailed event timeline from beginning to end is also required.


How will the sound be amplified?
Food and beverages are not allowed in our facility unless you have advised us in advance. City Hall is not equipped with kitchen facilities.
If yes, complete a "Bellevue City Hall Catering Form".
If yes, fire extinguishers are required and we will have Fire Department review space setup for Fire Code compliance.
The City of Bellevue reserves the right to deny permission to serve wine/beer at the Bellevue City Hall campus.
The City of Bellevue reserves the right to deny the sale or distribution of items deemed to be hazardous, a nuisance, or not family friendly.


For meeting rooms, is the standard space configuration suitable for your use?
For some items, a certificate of insurance is required from rental company naming City of Bellevue as an additional insured with $1 million General Liability Coverage.
On-site storage is not available. You must be available to receive your deliveries on-site unless you have made other arrangements with our staff.


The applicant agrees that during the use of the City of Bellevue City Hall facility to not exclude anyone participation in, deny anyone the benefit of, or otherwise subject anyone to discrimination because of the person's race, color, national origin, age, sex, or disability.

The undersigned hereby makes an application to the City of Bellevue for use of the City Hall facility described above and certifies that the information given in the application materials is correct. The undersigned further states that he/she has the authority to make this application for the applicant and agrees that the applicant will observe the rules/regulations and policies/procedures of the City of Bellevue. The applicant agrees to exercise the utmost care in the use of the premises and property and to defend and hold the City of Bellevue harmless from all liability resulting from the use of said facilities. The applicant further agrees to reimburse the City of Bellevue for any damage arising from the applicant's use of said facilities. The applicant signing this agreement will be considered the responsible party in case of damage, theft, or disturbances during the usage period.

I understand that that Bellevue City Hall meeting and special event facilities may not be used to support or oppose a candidate for election or promote or oppose a ballot proposition and agree and affirm that my use will comply with this rule.
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