Safe Community

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The eight measures here represent key data about Bellevue's performance serving the Safe Community budget outcome. Some are resident responses to the annual Performance Measures survey. Most measures are annual. Operational data come with targets or thresholds, illustrated by green lines.

In some cases, the city aims to provide services that meet or exceed the target. In other cases, staying below the green line indicates quality service. Targets are assessed regularly and are based on previous experiences and future expectations.

As a community, Bellevue values:

  • Feeling and being safe where people live, learn, work and play.
  • A community that is prepared for and responds to emergencies.

Safe Community

Residents who agree that Bellevue is a safe community in which to live, learn, work and play (higher is better).

Police Response Time

Patrol response time to life-threatening emergencies, from time officer receives call to arrival on scene (lower is better).

*Data for this is collected quarterly.

Cardiac Arrest Survival

Cardiac arrest survival rate. Bellevue along with King County has one of the highest survival rates in the nation (higher is better).

Fires Confined to Room of Origin

The percent of time fires are confined to the room of origin. Confining fires to the room of origin limits the damage to the structure and its contents and reduces the number of occupants displaced from their residence or business (higher is better).

Part 1 Crimes

Violent and property crimes, including robbery, rape, homicide, assault and arson, per 1,000 residents (lower is better).

*Data for this is collected quarterly.

Fire Response

The percent of time that the Fire Department responds to emergencies, from call to arrival on the scene, in six minutes or less (higher is better).

Emergency Preparation

Residents who agree Bellevue is well prepared to respond to emergencies (higher is better).

Emergency Planning

Residents who agree that Bellevue plans appropriately for emergencies (higher is better).