Responsive Government

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The eight measures here represent key data about Bellevue's performance serving the Responsive Government budget outcome. Most are resident responses to the annual Performance Measures survey. All measures are annual. Operational data come with targets or thresholds, illustrated by green lines. In some cases, the city aims to provide services that meet or exceed the target. In other cases, staying below the green line indicates quality service. Targets are assessed regularly and are based on previous experiences and future expectations.

As a community, Bellevue values:

  • An open and transparent city government that seeks involvement from, listens to and communicates with the community;
  • A city government that provides high-quality service, excellent value and is accountable for results; and
  • A city government that looks ahead and seeks innovative solutions to regional and local challenges.

Quality of Services

Residents who believe the quality of services provided by Bellevue exceeds expectations (higher is better).

Money's Worth for Tax Dollars

Residents who believe they are getting their money's worth for their tax dollars (higher is better).

AAA Bond Rating

Representing the years the city has received the highest bond rating available from Moody's Investor Services, an objective view of how well the city manages its money. A high bond rating allows the city to borrow money at a lower interest rate ("Yes" is target).

Staff Knowledge

Customers who rate the city employees at the Service First desk as a knowledgeable resource (higher is better).

Listens to Residents

Residents who agree Bellevue listens to its residents and seeks their involvement (higher is better).

Looking Ahead*

Residents who believe Bellevue looks ahead and seeks innovative solutions to local and regional challenges (higher is better).

*Based on a discontinued survey question. Indicator will be updated in 2019.

Staff Contact*

Residents who were satisfied with their experience involving city employees (higher is better).

*Based on a discontinued survey question. Indicator will be updated in 2019.

Network Availability

Time city network is available (higher is better).