Quality Neighborhoods

The six measures here represent key data about Bellevue's performance serving the Quality Neighborhoods budget outcome. Most are resident responses to the annual Performance Measures survey. All measures are annual.  Operational data come with targets or thresholds, illustrated by green lines. In some cases, the city aims to provide services that meet or exceed the target. In other cases, staying below the green line indicates quality service. Targets are assessed regularly and are based on previous experiences and future expectations.

As a community, Bellevue values:

  • An attractive, well-maintained and safe neighborhood;
  • A neighborhood that supports all families; and
  • Convenient access to day-to-day activities.


Neighborhood Livability

image of Neighborhood Livability graph

 Residents who believe their neighborhood is a good place to live (higher is better).

Attractive Neighborhoods

image of Attractive Neighborhoods graph

Residents who believe Bellevue has attractive, well-maintained neighborhoods (higher is better).

Neighborhood Convenience

image of Neighborhood Convenience graph

Residents who believe they live in a neighborhood that provides convenient access to their day-to-day activities (higher is better).

Effective Mediation

image of Effective Mediation graph

People completing Bellevue mediation/facilitation who report situation improved (higher is better).

Sense of Community

image of Sense of Community graph

Residents who believe their neighborhood has a sense of community (higher is better).

Family-Friendly Neighborhoods

image of Family-Friendly Neighborhoods graph

Residents who believe they live in a neighborhood that supports families, particularly those with children (higher is better).

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