Innovative, Vibrant and Caring Community

The eight measures here represent key data about Bellevue's performance serving the Innovative, Vibrant and Caring Community budget outcome. Most are resident responses to the annual Performance Measures survey. Some measures are annual and some are quarterly. Operational data come with targets or thresholds, illustrated by green lines.

In some cases, the city aims to provide services that meet or exceed the target. In other cases, staying below the green line indicates quality service. Targets are assessed regularly and are based on previous experiences and future expectations.

As a community, Bellevue values:

  • A diverse community where there are opportunities for all generations to live well, work and play;
  • A community that is visionary and fosters creativity;
  • A community that encourages civic engagement and is welcoming, supportive and demonstrates caring for people through actions; and
  • A "City in a Park."


Diverse Community

image of Diverse Community graph

Residents who agree Bellevue fosters and supports a diverse community in which all generations have good opportunities to live well, work and play (higher is better).

Citizen Engagement

image of Citizen Engagement graph

Residents who believe Bellevue promotes citizen engagement (higher is better).

City in a Park

image of City in a Park graph

Residents who agree Bellevue can rightly be called a "city in a park" (higher is better).

Visionary Community

image of Visionary Community graph

Residents who agree Bellevue is a visionary community in which creativity is fostered (higher is better).

Recreation Programs

image of Recreation Programs graph

Recreation program participants rating programs as good or better (higher is better).

*Data for this is collected quarterly.

Cumulative Recreation Program Registrations

image of Cumulative Recreation Program Registrations

Number of registrants for Bellevue recreation programs (higher is better)

*Data for this is collected quarterly.

Human Services Programs

image of Human Services Programs graph

Human services organizations receiving city funding that are meeting their performance goals (higher is better).

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