Economic Growth and Competitiveness

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The seven measures here represent key data about Bellevue's performance serving the Economic Growth and Competitiveness budget outcome. Operational data and resident responses to the annual Performance Measures survey are presented graphically below. Most measures are annual. Operational data come with targets or thresholds, illustrated by green lines. In some cases, the city aims to provide services that meet or exceed the target. In other cases, staying below the green line indicates quality service. Targets are assessed regularly and are based on previous experiences and future expectations.

As a community, Bellevue values:

  • A community that grows in ways that add value to our quality of life and enhance the opportunity for economic prosperity; and
  • A business environment that is competitive, supports entrepreneurs, creates jobs and supports the economic environment and prosperity of the community.

Competitive Business Environment

Residents who agree Bellevue is doing a good job creating a competitive business environment (higher is better).

Percentage Change in B&O Tax Revenue

Business & Occupation tax revenue in Bellevue (higher is better).


Estimated jobs in Bellevue (higher is better).

Comparative Unemployment Rate

Bellevue's unemployment rate in comparison to region's (lower is better).

Planning for Growth

Residents who agree Bellevue is doing a good job planning for growth in ways that will add value to residents' quality of life (higher is better).

Downtown Office Vacancies

Office vacancy rate in Bellevue's central business district (lower is better).

*Data for this is collected quarterly.

New Business Registrations

New business registrations in Bellevue (higher is better).