• Hot Topics and Initiatives

    The city is dedicated to providing essential services to residents, but it focuses attention on certain issues of major importance. Hot topics include projects with or by other agencies in Bellevue that have an impact on residents.

    Affordable housing complex

    To sustain Bellevue's livability and economic vitality, the city has developed an affordable housing strategy. Learn more about the affordable housing strategy.

    During the COVID-19 pandemic, the City of Bellevue is doing what it can to help residents protect themselves and businesses survive. Learn more about the city's COVID-19 response.

    Diversity Advantage logo Web

    An effort to ensure the city provides equitable services to a population that has seen dramatic shifts in age, race and place of birth. Learn more about the Diversity Advantage.

    East Link rendering

    Representing the interests of Bellevue residents and businesses as Sound Transit's East Link light rail line comes through our city. Learn more about East Link.

    electric meter

    Planning for electrical facilities to meet growing demand, while protecting residents' interests. Learn more about electrical facilities planning.

    stream testing

    Since 2006, the city has worked to protect the environment in Bellevue through policies and programs that facilitate conservation and minimize pollution. Learn more about Environmental Stewardship

    Design idea

    Establishing a vision for a non-motorized corridor through downtown that will create new opportunities for connectivity and community identity. Learn more about the Grand connection.

    Image of residents helping with planning.

    Collaborating with residents, the city is drafting new long-range plans for each neighborhood area to ensure they can adapt to changing needs while retaining their distinct character. Learn more about Great Neighborhoods. Please participate in the effort at EngagingBellevue.

    Shelter image

    With the number of unsheltered people on the Eastside growing steadily, the city is engaged in multiple efforts to address homelessness, including siting a men's shelter. Learn more about homelessness in Bellevue.

    Ped-bike graphic

    Efforts to make Bellevue easier and safer for people walking and riding bicycles, including adding sidewalks, bike lanes and trails. Learn more about walking and biking improvements.

    Trees at Eastgate Park

    Efforts by the city to preserve and maintain the tree canopy in this "city in a park." Learn more about trees and our city.