• Bellevue Centers Communities of Color

    On Jan. 19, 2021, the City Council approved the Bellevue Centers Communities of Color Initiative, a community-led effort to advance racial equity here and build trust and awareness across the city’s diverse population. council meeting presentation || agenda memo

    The three-year initiative includes a three-tiered approach:

    • Develop trust through dialogue: With assistance from city staff, a Communities of Color Coordinating Team made up of diverse community members will create a series of community discussions on equity issues during year one.
    • Build racial literacy skills through education and training: The city will educate community members on racial equity issues, potentially in partnership with local businesses, nonprofits and government organizations.
    • Co-create recommendations for action: In collaboration with the CCC Team, city staff, leadership and other stakeholders, the city will explore activities and recommendations to advance racial equity in the City of Bellevue.

    Communities of Color Coordinating Team


    Amirah Haque

    Amirah Haque

    Amirah is a student in the Bellevue School District, and has lived in Bellevue for 12 years. Although her passion began in middle school, it has transitioned to a hands-on approach in community-led events. Amirah has championed minority groups' causes and rallied for equity across race and gender.

    As a youth in her community, Amirah helped draw attention to the effects of toxic masculinity and, with her peers, led and supported projects that promoted awareness and facilitated long-lasting change. Amirah wants to continue to promote positive change in the community, serving on the CCC Team.

    Monik Martinez

    Monik Martinez

    Monik is originally from a small farming community in Central Washington and has lived in Bellevue for the last five years. As executive director of 4 Tomorrow, a local nonprofit, Monik has focused her efforts on supporting youth and the Latinx community in King County.

    Before 4 Tomorrow, Monik was a family engagement specialist in the Bellevue School District – a role that allowed her to deepen her interest in racial equity and build her understanding of the link between institutional change and ensuring that families in the community were served with fidelity. Monik is excited to join the CCC Team to learn from the wider community and work with other passionate community members in making our home the best place it can be.

    Randy Nunez

    Dr. Randy Nuñez

    Randy works, lives and has children that go to school in the city his wife was born and raised in – Bellevue. He feels most at home when he has an opportunity to get involved in the community, support efforts to build a sense of belonging for everyone and have moments of celebration.

    Randy, who has a doctorate in educational leadership and policy studies from the University of Washington, joined the CCC Team because he believes the city plays an important role in the well-being of families and communities. He knows his life experiences reflect those of a large segment of our population, which he will do his best to represent honorably.




    Kenny Pleasant

    Kenny is a social entrepreneur and Bellevue resident. He owns and operates the only black-owned real estate brokerage in the city. Aside from real estate, Kenny is a father, husband, public speaker, business coach and philanthropist. He has a passionate commitment to social justice and consistently finds ways to incorporate this passion into his business.

    Kenny believes it’s his life’s purpose to be part of the few who choose to stand and be the change. Kenny is a mentor at heart and is always intentional about contributing, whether in business or personally. He measures his success by the number of people positively impacted and to the degree to which they are advanced.  



    Royce Yuen

    Royce Yuen

    Royce has worked in Bellevue for the past 12 years, and is pastor and community catalyst for the Common Good Church, a faith community that seeks to benefit all people, no matter their race, ethnicity, age, gender, sexual orientation, mental or physical ability, education, socioeconomic status, or spiritual background.

    Royce ministers in predominantly multicultural and multiethnic spaces and has advocated for racial diversity, equity and inclusion in a variety of industries and organizations throughout his career. He is excited about joining the CCC Team to come alongside city staff, leaders and stakeholders in their efforts to advance racial equity and build trust and awareness across the city’s diverse population.