• Transportation Design Manual

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    The City of Bellevue periodically updates the contents on this page. The standard

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    drawings and Appendix A of the Transportation Design Manual were updated as of March 2018, interim updates to the standard drawings occurred in November 2019, August 2020, and August 2021. The August 2021 update also introduced Appendix C, the fiber optic design requirements. The design standards were last updated as of January 2017.

    The January 2017 update included a reorganization of the standard drawings. The reorganization included new groupings of drawings and new drawing numbers.

    In the Table of Contents for Part 2 – Standard Drawings, the pre-2017 drawing number is listed next to the current drawing number. In addition, immediately following the Table of Contents for the drawings is a list of all the standard drawings in their pre-2017 order to facilitate cross-referencing between the old and new organization.

    Individual Elements of Design Manual