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    The King County EMS Levy funds Paramedic or "Medic One" services throughout King County and these are provided at no cost to patients of the Bellevue Fire Department.

    Patients who require transport to a medical facility, but not the services of a "Medic," will be charged a fee of $950 plus $15 per mile transported. The fee, approved by the City Council in December 2020, is designed to ensure that all patients receive high quality care without discrimination toward those with no or inadequate means to pay.

    Patients will receive a bill from Systems Design, the Fire Department's billing vendor. Systems Design can be contacted directly at 800-238-9398 or by email at bellevuefd@emspatient.com.

    Residents of Bellevue, Beaux Arts, Clyde Hill, Hunts Point, Medina, Newcastle, Yarrow Point and unincorporated King County served by the Bellevue Fire Department are eligible for waiver of insurance copays and deductibles. Non-residents will be billed for any copays and deductibles after insurance is paid.

    Patients without financial resources and/or insurance are eligible for financial assistance if they meet specific guidelines. Please contact the billing vendor to inquire about financial assistance if you think you qualify. Fire Department Financial Assistance Policy


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