• Public Records Requests

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    The Bellevue Fire Department makes fire and emergency medical records available to the public upon request.

    Fire Reports

    Fire incidents not ruled to be criminal in cause are a matter of public record, and the report may be released upon the completion of the investigation.

    A request for a fire report must be received in writing, please email FireInfo@bellevuewa.gov to request a report.

    The Bellevue Police Department manages the release of records for fires determined to have been criminal in cause. This ensure that a records release does not compromise an ongoing investigation,

    Emergency Medical Reports

    A request for an emergency medical report should be submitted in writing, accompanied by an authorization for release of medical information. You may download the release form, complete it and send or fax it with your request to the Fire Department.

    Please include the name of patient and date of incident in the request. Please allow three to five business days for processing.

    Note: If your request involves a Phase I Site Assessment of a property or will involve more than just Fire Department information to complete, please use the City of Bellevue City Clerk's office records request form.

    The City Records Department will coordinate the request with all departments and fulfill the request.