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    The transformation of the 124th Avenue Corridor between NE 8th Street and Northup Way continues at a steady pace. These improvements will enhance access and circulation for cars, transit, freight, pedestrians and bicycles between Downtown Bellevue, Wilburton, and the BelRed area. The transformation comes from the need to accommodate future growth and new land uses in the area, envisioned in the BelRed Subarea Plan. Project design, implementation and cost sharing has been coordinated with Sound Transit’s East Link light rail that begins service in 2023.

    Corridor improvements are being built with four distinct project areas (listed below from south to north along 124th Avenue NE:)

    Project Status

    • Construction completed- NE 8th Street to NE 12th Street. This segment installed a mid-block flashing beacon crossing at NE 10th Place and curb ramps, improved lighting and restored the roadway.  
      124th Avenue Corridor Improvement Vicinity Map
    • Construction begins early 2022- NE 12th Street to NE Spring Boulevard: This segment will widen 124th Avenue NE to five lanes, build a pathway for bicyclists and pedestrians, improve street lighting, modify traffic operations, restore the roadway and more. Construction is expected to begin in early 2022 and last approximately one year. 
    • Construction completed – NE Spring Boulevard to Ichigo Way: This segment raised and widened the roadway to five lanes, built a bridge for the light rail undercrossing, installed sidewalk and a new traffic light the future NE 16th Street and restored the roadway. 
    • Construction planned for the roadway 2022/2023 – Ichigo Way to Northup Way: This segment will widen and re-profile the roadway to five lanes, build a multipurpose path between the future NE 16th Street and Ichigo Way, install sidewalk, replace an existing pipe with a fish-passable culvert, improve street lighting and more. 
      • Part of the project included the replacement of two Seattle City Light electrical towers with skinnier monopoles. The work was completed in February 2021 and was captured in a time-lapse video 

    View aerial footage of the 124th Avenue Northeast Corridor (May 2020)

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