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    Bellevue is ranked among the top places to live in the United States. Bellevue's neighborhoods are well known for their distinctive character, great schools, safety, natural beauty, amenities and opportunities for a high quality of life. Residents appreciate their neighborhoods for the strong connections among neighbors that contribute to making Bellevue home.

    Neighborhood News

    Neighborhood News

    News for and about Bellevue's neighborhoods

    neighborhood walk

    Neighborhood Walks

    Each summer, city leadership and Bellevue residents walk together to discuss what is going on in their neighborhoods.


    Neighborhood Profiles and Liaisons

    Learn about Bellevue's distinct neighborhoods and who to contact for information and services.


    Classes and Events

    Neighborhood Leadership Gatherings, Neighborhood Forums and Bellevue Essentials.

    cultural conversations

    Build Community

    Cultural Conversations, summer gatherings and ways to volunteer that make a difference

    Ardmore Trail Bridge

    Neighborhood Improvements

    Participate in proposing and building neighborhood projects that enhance your neighborhood

    Mini City Hall

    Mini City Hall

    Resources and information about city and community services

    conflict resolution center

    Conflict Resolution Center

    Help to resolve neighborhood disputes

    Somerset sign

    Neighborhood Associations

    Information and support for local organizing

    Now is the time to apply for Essentials 2022

    Bellevue Essentials provides a 10-week introduction to civic leadership.  Applications are due 5 p.m., July 27. 

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