• Ravine Experience

    The Ravine Experience is complete, including a walking bridge through woodland.

    The new suspension bridge over the Ravine Garden

    As part of the Botanical Garden Master Plan update, construction of the Ravine Experience was an improvement included in the 2008 voter-approved levy package. The Parks & Community Services Department and the Bellevue Botanical Garden Society selected the Ravine Garden for design development and construction.

    Come and take a walk on the new suspension bridge at the Ravine Experience!

    The garden will take visitors along a pedestrian trail through a second-growth forest and a steep-sided ravine in the southeast corner of the Bellevue Botanical Garden, which is located within the larger “Cascadia Experience” (project #4 on Master Plan Projects). The project entails construction of a 150-foot long, five-foot wide pedestrian suspension bridge made predominantly of steel.

    The bridge spans the ravine and allow visitors close proximity and intimate views of the plants, wildlife and forest canopy into and around the ravine. The project added 600 feet of pedestrian trail to the Botanical Garden’s current trail system. The new trail forms a connection between the bridges and existing trail segments to complete a “Ravine Trail Loop,” which begins and ends at the Lost Meadow Trail.