• Wondering Where to Fly Your Drone?

    With hundreds of thousands of drones expected to be gifted across the U.S. this holiday season, chances are that either you or a neighbor will be piloting a new recreational aircraft.

    Drone in flight

    Pilots are encouraged to use their drones at Marymoor Park Airfield. This nearby alternative welcomes recreational model aircraft. Drone users need to register with the FAA and follow the safety and liability requirements of the MAR/C Club. To register and become a member, go to http://mar-c.org/

    An alternative flying site is available at 60 Acres Park, based on availability. For more information, go to the 60 Acres web site and fill out a field request.

    To ensure the safety and enjoyment of all visitors, please remember that drones are not allowed in Bellevue parks.

    Download this handy drone guide

    Know Before You Fly is a great resource created in partnership with the FAA.

    Please note that pilots must register their drones with the FAA: https://www.faa.gov/uas/getting_started/register_drone/ 

    If you see a drone hovering in your backyard, consider checking with your neighbors to see if a new pilot is at the helm. A simple conversation may eliminate misunderstandings.

    For more information, or to report an incident, please call Bellevue Parks at 425-452-7225. If it is an emergency situation, residents should contact the Bellevue Police at 9-1-1.