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    Plans for property improvements, including built-in fire protection systems such as automatic sprinklers, standpipes and fire alarms, should be submitted to Development Services. If a site plan is not required for a building permit, but built-in fire protection facilities are planned, please consult the Fire Prevention Plan Review Desk.

    Fire-Related Site Plan Requirements

    1. Location and configuration of the property improvement, showing its relationship to the property lines and nearest streets, roadways, alleys or fire department access routes;
    2. Location of existing underground water mains, the diameter of those water mains, fire hydrant locations;
    3. Location, width, overhead obstructions and construction of all streets, roadways, alleys, bridges, fire lanes or fire department access routes on the site to be improved;
    4. Location of any temporary and/or permanent fences, walls, gates, arches, beams or any other security or ornamental features that may affect Fire Department access to and on the site during construction and occupancy;
    5. Location of any unusual or remarkable topographic features, landscaping, vegetation or other features that may affect Fire Department access to and on the site during construction and occupancy.

    EXCEPTION: When a project developer has submitted a preliminary site plan for review by the Fire Department, any or all of the above requirements may be waived.

    When a site plan is not required and fire protection plans are submitted to the Fire Department

    Plans and specifications (shop drawings and product data) for fixed fire protection systems, including automatic fire sprinkler systems, fire extinguishing systems, fire detection and alarm systems and fire standpipe systems, shall be submitted to the the Fire Prevention Review Desk (FireReview@bellevuewa.gov) prior to installation.

    There may be additional submittal requirements for certain fire protection systems. Please see the first sections of each fire system, as listed in the table of contents in the BFDDS.


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