• Fire Inspection Fees

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    Fire personnel inspect multifamily and commercial buildings ensuring there are working sprinklers, alarms and other provisions that prevent or mitigate fires.

    To support the fire inspection program, fire inspection fees will be implemented starting on January 1, 2020.

    The fire inspection fee is a sum of three factors and will be assessed at the time of inspection:

    1. Base rate ($180.00)
    2. The square footage to be inspected (0 to 8)
    3. Occupancy classification (0.1 to 3.0)

    Inspection Fee = base rate X square footage factor X occupancy factor

    Inspection Frequency

    The inspection frequency is determined by a combination of resources, risk and occupancy-based fire history:

    Occupancy Inspection Frequency
    Hazardous Occupancies (H) Every six months
    Multi-family buildings lacking a fire sprinkler system Annually
    Buildings containing restaurants lacking a fire sprinkler system Annually
    All other buildings Every other year


    If you have further questions, please send them to Fire_Prevention@bellevuewa.gov or call 425-452-6874.

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