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    Bellevue’s budget is produced every two years and includes a seven-year capital budget. The budget serves as a major policy document and describes how the city intends to finance its services and infrastructure. The city government is responsible for building and repairing roads, providing police and fire protection, as well as maintaining parks, open space and recreational centers, which help contribute to the high quality of life Bellevue residents enjoy.

    The city uses a “budgeting for outcomes” (also known as “priorities of government”) process called "Budget One" to develop the city’s budget. Budget One puts the emphasis on community expectations for government services, not how the city is organized (departments).

    The process is designed to focus on results and priorities and shifts the emphasis from paying for costs to buying results. Identified community priorities are put first and accountability, innovation and partnerships are emphasized.

    The city's budgets are gathered in the following reports.

    View the entire Adopted 2021-2022 Operating Budget and the 2021-2027 Capital Investment Program (CIP) Plan: Budget Document

    Budget Documents - 2021-2022 Adopted Budget

    Monitoring Reports - High-level overviews of the city's financial condition.

    Open Budget - An application that allows you to easily explore the current budget through a visual interface.

    Past Budgets - Operating budgets, Capital Investment Program plans and budget detail documents from previous years.

    Monitoring Reports - High-level overviews of the city's financial condition as reported in prior years.