• Recreation Planning Process

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    The planning team evaluated the information gathered during public outreach and established a series of goals, strategies, and actions for Parks & Community Services to undertake over the next 5 years. The planning team then conducted a prioritization process to arrive at the final list of actions. Criteria used to prioritize actions included: 

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    Effectiveness and Impact

    • How likely is it the action will work to implement the strategy?
    • Does the action address multiple goals, or other department or city objectives?
    • Does the action provide any efficiencies?


    • Does the action address the needs of historically underrepresented populations and those who are currently underserved?
    • Does it help assure equitable access for all residents?

    Speed and Urgency

    • How quickly will the impact be achieved?
    • Does the action leverage a window of opportunity?

    Feasibility and Effort

    • Is it possible to implement the action with current capacities within the department?
    • What is the relative ease of covering the cost of the action with the department budget or other resources?
    • Who do we need to talk with to ensure that this action is feasible?

    Public and Staff Input

    • Does this action reflect feedback received from the public and from staff?

    The plan that follows will guide the department in the provision of programs, placing special emphasis on serving the needs of community members who would otherwise have limited opportunities to participate in recreational activities.