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    Bellevue’s Information Technology Department (ITD) delivers diverse and far-reaching services to Bellevue residents and internal departments.

    In late 2020, the city was awarded first place in the Digital Cities Survey, highlighting our collaborative smart cities efforts, covid response, and innovative use of technology. ITD focuses on innovative and proven solutions in the following areas:

    Enhancing Digital Government

    With a population of more than 145,000, Bellevue is the fifth largest city in Washington. Our culturally rich environment is enhanced by the varying international influences of our diverse community and Bellevue is the high-tech, retail and services center of the Eastside. Partnering with internal and external stakeholders, ITD supports enhancements to digital government that reflect a one city, user-centered approach to engaging with the public, where it’s easy to find information and connect with city government.

    Supporting Business and Workforce Productivity

    ITD serves more than 1,600 employees in 14 departments at 35 different locations and supports the computing, application, networking and phone infrastructure that helps employees use technology effectively.

    As technology continues to shape core business functions, ITD’s partnership with internal customers is critical to successful technology adoption. From information security to continued workforce mobility, workforce technology continues to evolve rapidly.

    Embracing Technology Innovation

    Becoming a smarter city means utilizing advances in data analytics, internet of things, autonomous vehicles and pervasive connectivity to improve services, optimize city operations and work to achieve the Council Vision embedded in the Smart Bellevue Plan.

    Technology advances in augmented reality, artificial intelligence a, drones, robotics, and more provide opportunities to spur creativity and innovative approaches to meeting business needs.

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