• Homelessness Donating and Volunteering

    Homelessness is a communitywide issue that needs a communitywide response. Government cannot do it alone, and neither can social service agencies or faith communities. Here’s how you can help:


    The City of Bellevue financially supports the network of social service providers that serve our community. The Human Services Commission understands local Eastside needs and provides recommendations to the City Council on local community partners to support with Bellevue’s Human Services Fund. You can make donations to the Bellevue Human Services Fund.

    Local charities that provide homelessness-related services include:


    Volunteers at Hopelink

    Each member of our community can be part of the solution to make homelessness rare, brief and one-time. Whether it’s smiling and saying “hello,” volunteering for a local nonprofit or employing or housing a homeless person — we can make a tremendous difference when we tackle homelessness together.

    Check out Bellevue’s Make A Difference - Volunteer Opportunities in Bellevue and find your place to lend a hand.